Ball Gown Prom Dresses

Depending on your high school’s general sense of fashion, ball gown prom dresses are a good choice for a senior’s prom night. If your school gives out strict dress codes or guidelines for your prom and it clearly indicates “formal clothes” and require you to wear something that is modest, ball gowns your go-to dress.

There are a lot of dress styles that you can wear. Evening gowns come in different skirt styles, princess style, column dress, A-line, trumpet and others. Also, there are a number of different neck lines to choose from; V-neck, boat line, high-neck, assymetrical, sweetheart and others. I’d put boat line, high-neck and scoop neckline as modest necklines fit for a prom night.

However other neckline styles are also okay as long as you don’t go for plunging V necklines. Tube dresses are also accepted during prom nights as long as it’s paired with a dress style that isn’t very provocative.

Ball Gown Prom Dresses

Wear ball gown prom dresses

While most high school students wouldn’t opt for a ball gown because it can be bulky because of the skirt style, it’s still a great idea to wear one. As we mature with age, there’ll be lesser events that’ll allow us to wear ball gown dresses. High school prom is a great excuse to wear something princess-y like a ball gown.

Once you’re older, it would be awkward to wear a ball gown to a college night social so you’ll be wearing cocktail dresses. On more formal events like an awards night or graduation day, ball gowns don’t really fit in the situation. Unless you’re invited to a formal ball when you’re older, the opportunity to wear ball gowns comes so rare in our lives.

Ball Gown Prom Dresses

It’s understandable that most high school girls would prefer something more modern but if you have the chance to wear one, ball gown prom dresses are perfect for the occasion as well and fit for your age.

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