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WW2 Bomber Jacket

Understanding the historical value of a ww2 bomber jacket and seeing how it contributed to society’s future can make people look at a flight jacket more differently. Most young people sporting flight jackets or what we call bomber jackets don’t even know why it’s called a bomber

Shearling Bomber Jacket

Originally made for pilots during the 1930s, a shearling bomber jacket are still one of the best jackets. It’s an all-time favorite and a classic. It’s like carrying a piece of history on you and feeling the same pride every pilot felt after a successful mission. The

Sheepskin Bomber Jacket

A sheepskin bomber jacket is a great outerwear for any cold season. It’s a classic piece, comparable to that small black dress every woman should have in their wardrobes. While the sense of fashion may not appeal to most younger aged groups, it’s pretty popular among adults.

Coat collar styles

You can change your look, you may not need an extreme makeover. Just a little tweak in everyday clothes can do wonders. Coat collar styles should always be carefully chosen, because it says a lot about your personality. The same person can show a lot of different

Dark wash denim jacket women

With the winter season, definitely let us know if you do not have your own winter jacket sorted now then you had better do it soon! There are all kinds of styles for men and women. Sporty men could consider sailing inspired menswear made of hard, durable

Mohair Sweater Punk for Men

Mohair sweater punk is cute to be worn by women. But, now, it is designed to fit men’s body also. The colors and cutting line are adjusted with the men’s personality which is funky and manly. Usually, it is worn by people with Harajuku style in Japan.

Skinny coat men

Advice on men’s fashion is a topic that most men rarely consider, but do not realize that men’s fashion is a task in the process of attraction. What do you wear Skinny coat men can affect how people perceive you, because they have no other information on

Pea jacket men

Although it is often assumed that men have a higher tolerance for cold than women, they also need a certain area. Some men find short coats keep them warm, but you can always opt for something warmer. Men’s Pea jacket men are good choices for this. Not