Cinderella Ball Gown Wedding Dress for Elegant Look

Cinderella story will be a good theme for wedding. You are able to apply it through some fantasy decorations in the place you are going to hold the reception. Flowers, lamps, centerpieces, and also plants are set to support the theme. Usually, the theme is used for outdoor wedding reception. Well, besides those things mentioned, there is also an important thing that should be put on your list. That is a wedding gown. You have to prepare a cinderella ball gown wedding dress. In the market, there are various models that you can choose starting from tops, bottoms, and accessories. This article will discuss that more. By reading it, you will get references and inspiration.
Cinderella ball gown wedding dress 2013
Let us start from the tops. Sweetheart top with spaghetti straps is the most common one for the top of Cinderella call gown wedding dress. You can also choose strapless top as well. However, for those who prefer a sleeved gown to sleeveless one to highlight the classic style, lace will be great even though the style is rare to find. Undeniably, a Cinderella ball gown wedding dress is truly identical with fairy tale and classic style. But, you are able to adjust it with your own taste. For instance, if you like to make it bit modern, one shoulder cutting line. After understanding some styles and models of the top part, it is time to reveal the bottom parts. The most important characteristic that you cannot avoid is the bottom should be big, lay, and ruffled. It should be falling straight into the ground. Materials usually used are satin or taffeta. To make it more fantastic, fairy tale embellishments are set there. Those can be crystals or pearls. Just make some adjustments with your own style to make you more comfortable wearing the dress.
Cinderella ball gown wedding dress
cinderella style ball gown wedding dresses
If Cinderella wedding story inspires you to get that romantic wedding, you are able to bring the idea of it. Wedding gown will be a good thing to make it come true. You can adopt the style for your own. Even though some people think that Cinderella ball gown wedding dress is for curvy women, you can make it perfect for your body by customizing the dress.