Little white dress

Little white dress are stylish and fun alternative to the usual party staples, such as the little black dresses. How can this be? Not LBD’s are the most versatile dresses you? So why should we use them:

Unlike their darker cousins, little white dresses are fresh, bright and simple. This is ideal if you are going away to sunnier times, and white keeps you cool when they reflect the sun.

Of sunshine, did you know that white is a great way to improve your tan? White really makes a tan look better, because it makes you look darker than you really are.

Little white dress trendsThere are a few things to think about when choosing a Little white dress:

Which white is right?

Skin tone will dictate the shade of white you choose. In general, the darker you are, the darker tone of white is best for you. For example, pale skin tones to enjoy the bright white, with dark skins are suitable for off-white or cream.

Choose a thicker material

Beware of thin white material, so it can be seen through! If you can keep your new dress up to the light and see your hand through it, when you sail the stormy waters that people can see everything!

Consider your body shape

Little white dress visualsIf you have a model of the dress is going to be great, but if you have lumps and bumps as small white dresses do not flatter if they are too tight. On the other hand, the floating Little white dress that are light and airy, so there will be the risk of your dress is unflattering.

Match underwear in her white dress

It’s a total cliché when you see the girls that appear in a dark underwear through the white clothing. Is it classy or trashy? We believe that this, and this is the image you want to portray when you’re out of town? So, white or nude underwear is a must!

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