Long sleeve maxi dress

Maxi dress was a big hit and is probably likely to remain for some time yet. Women who are tall and slim can get a way with style Long sleeve maxi dress. But if you are petite or on the large side, you need to give the maxi dress a few thoughts on how to use it. Here are some tips.

Choose a style that is well cut and in terms of if you have a petite frame. Avoid maxi dresses that have very full skirts, as this style will drown. Keep your head slightly bent or add a fitted jacket or cardigan to keep the look neat.

Long sleeve maxi dress outfitWear chunky heels with a Long sleeve maxi dress. Not only does it make you look taller, but stop the long skirt from swamping you.

Figures Empire style dresses suit most and hide the bumps you have around your middle.

A-line or a bias cut maxi dress can compliment a shorter figure. It can add extra height to your figure rather than take it away.

Long sleeve maxi dress plus sizeAccessorize Long sleeve maxi dress with chunky, long jewelery and oversized shades and bags to complete the look. This is a perfect look, cool and very relaxed when you are shopping or sightseeing.

For larger women the maxi dress enables them to feel more feminine. It will cover big thighs, hips and bottom. If you are bigger on the top buy maxi dresses with a halter style, this will flatter your figure better than thin strap dresses. V-neck will also divert attention from a bigger chest. Also try to avoid dresses with smocking knitting or vertices.

Long sleeve maxi dress with side split