Marine Corps Ball Gowns

It’s a great honor to get an invite to a Marine Corps Ball but searching for the right Marine Corps ball gowns can be challenging. The event is a formal occasion and you will be attending a professional military event so it’s important to arrive dressed in the proper ball attire.

As the date to a Marine, you will be going as a compliment to your service man or woman. The event is not about you, it’s about them. It’s celebrating their achievements, successes and future endeavors. What attire you come in and behavior you have during the ball will clearly reflect on your partner so it’s always best to keep their reputation in mind first before you choose a dress, what heels to match and what type of makeup to wear.

Marine Corps Ball Gowns

Tips on choosing Marine Corps ball gowns

Go in a real ball gown. Don’t attempt to get away with a skin-tight mini dress. It’s a formal event you are attending, not a club party. While some balls will allow cocktail dresses, make sure it’s classy and careful not to pair it with the wrong set of heels.

Don’t wear something that’s not your size. Wearing something too small will show a lot of curves in the wrong side of your body. Wearing something too big will let everyone know you’re wearing someone else’s dress. Choose a gown that will compliment your figure and make you feel confident to mingle with other guests. Also, avoid colors like hot pink or neon green, go for darker shades to compliment your partner’s uniform.

Marine Corps Ball Gowns

Of course, consider your shoes, hair, makeup and nails. Get your nail polish right. Don’t wear rainbow colors. Maintain a natural or French tipped manicure. Having long nails is also unacceptable. Look classy, stick to neutral shades that will accent your dress. As for what pair of shoes to wear, leave the stripper shoes at home. Lastly, wear natural makeup and leave the glitter at home with the stripper shoes. Pair Marine Corps ball gowns with a good attitude and a very sociable personality and you’re sure to make your escort a happy camper.


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