Mohair Sweater Punk for Men

Mohair sweater punk is cute to be worn by women. But, now, it is designed to fit men’s body also. The colors and cutting line are adjusted with the men’s personality which is funky and manly. Usually, it is worn by people with Harajuku style in Japan. Coming with combination of some bright colors, the sweater is cool and in line with their preference and taste. But, you do not need to follow Harajuku people to wear the sweater. In the market now, you may find a lot of proper mohair sweaters for your own. This article will give you some examples and what you should wear with. Just enjoy your reading then.

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Do not ever think that mohair sweater punk is weird for men. Just open some fashion magazines, you will find a lot of designers design the product with elegant and classy style. So, it can be one of alternatives that you can wear for casual outfit. Just be obedient with the rules stated in this article. Then, you will get weird look in the sweater. First, you need to pick a sweater with small net. Large net will cheapen the look unless you are interested in Harajuku style. Second, you had better pay much attention to colors. A lot of mohair sweaters are found with bright colors in the market. You should be fussy in choosing the one. Sweater is usually worn in a cold season like winter or autumn. It will be so odd if you choose bright colors for it. So, earthy or dark colors are preferable. If you want to stay in the safe zone in style, just walk in the right track by picking grey, navy blue, black, or brown. Cream is the most recommended one if you are more interested in little bright color. Third, pick your right size. You will look so awful with too loose or too tight sweater.

Three rules of choosing a right mohair sweater punk have been mentioned above. By paying those things, you will not get wrong in buying. Just wear the sweater with trousers or jeans. Boots will be also cool to support it.