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Powell Craft Red polka dot dress make beautiful handmade dresses for girls in many styles for all seasons, but their cotton summer dresses are perfect for warm weather if you want your little girl to look beautiful and be cool.

Powell Craft uses only the best materials and cotton and their designs are mostly inspired by traditional style dresses, at a time when little girls looked pretty and feminine. Some of their designs have a vintage feel to them, thanks to the use of floral and other dating from 1950.

Red polka dot dress 2013Some of Red polka dot dress design is based on modes back even further, as far as the late 19th and early 20th century century. These designs have a distinctive Victorian feel about them, through the use of cotton, white lace and ruffles.

Although Powell Craft girls dresses “have a traditional quality of their numbers continue to include modern forms, patterns and designs as well as girls will not be left behind in the fashion stakes. Many uses bright colors and funky designs so there is something for all tastes, but all the dresses are made using the same high quality materials and standards of craftsmanship.

Most of the dresses in the name of the girl Powell Craft nursery series, Hattie and Martha. Most of them come in sizes 1-2 years, 2-3 years, 4-5 years 6 to 7 years 8-9.

Red polka dot dress babyMartha is a new design by Powell Craft, there is a Red polka dot dress with pink polka dots, a pink trim with white peas and a bow on the side. It is a very pretty dress that combines traditional and modern elements.

Some of the more traditional Victorian inspired dresses include Hattie, a white dress with sleeves, lace and blue, pink and red floral embroidery around the square neckline. Buttercup and a white cotton dress with sleeveless button front and white embroidery.

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