Shearling Bomber Jacket

Originally made for pilots during the 1930s, a shearling bomber jacket are still one of the best jackets. It’s an all-time favorite and a classic. It’s like carrying a piece of history on you and feeling the same pride every pilot felt after a successful mission.

The design was made specifically for fighter pilots who used to fly unpressurized cabins. Before we had high-tech jet fighter planes, the ones that pilots had to work with during the World War II had an open cockpit. At over 30,000 feet, you can imagine the temperature and the kind of torture this would have been to the pilots. The military designed bomber jackets to keep them protected and warm. Pilots were seen sporting their bomber jackets and became an iconic uniform to represent courage, honor and strength.

Shearling Bomber Jacket

Shearling bomber jacket and fashion today

Replicas of the bomber jacket today have a lot of modifications. You’ll see more pockets and straps when the original design didn’t have too much detail on it. The main design had sheepskin lining and leather material on the outside. It was meant to keep them warm.

Today however, a lot of companies have replicated the style and is using synthetic lining. It’s marketed as faux shearling and they are much lighter in weight. It also costs less but it drapes differently when a person wears it. Buying authentic or synthetic replicas is completely up to your budget and reason for wearing.

Shearling Bomber Jacket

It’s a great jacket for cold weather. So if you live in a cold place, it’s practical to put in more to buy synthetic jackets. If it’s plainly for fashion wear and not really meant to be functional in terms of keeping you warm, settling for synthetic styles and design is completely understandable. A shearling bomber jacket are functional yet fashionable and they go well with casual wear.

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