Silver Bracelets for Men and the Latest Trend

Today, jewelries are not only be worn by women. Men start to like the stuff to support their stylish look. They want to be more fashionable and it cannot be accomplished without accessories, right? So, in 2013, some jewelers design accessories for men with simple and mainly cutting and bracelets are put on the first list of the design. Among platinum, silver, gold, and titanium, the most common material used to make the men jewelries is silver. Because of that, this article will scrutinize little bit information about silver bracelets for men and the latest trend of the jewelries in 2013.
italian silver bracelets for men
There are some options of latest silver bracelets for men. One of legendary jewelers, Putu Gede Darmawan tries to hit the trend with something unique and sophisticated. He put an imperative message through the design. The emphasized message which is engraved with Japanese letter, Kanji means live long. Looking up the design, you will get why it is precious. Every single edge of the bracelet is hand crafted. How artful it is, right? Another jeweler who tries to show his masterpiece through bracelet design is Wayan Asmana. He presents a bracelet with innovative and original design. The bracelet made by him is covered with small sterling coils that remind leathered surf. The wrist of the man wearing the bracelet will be encircled by the coils then. If you look for a silver bracelet with simple design, the incredible hands of Yuniati’s give you something that is so hard to say not to. Being similar with a rope, the bracelet is really attractive to be worn by gentlemen.

sterling silver bracelets for men

From three intelligent jewelers, you must get some inspirations which bracelet that you will buy to enhance your style in fashion. Both of them are coming from Bali. Well, it is undeniable that Bali is cool with arts. So, it can be concluded that the bracelets mentioned above are really artistic and worth to own. Speaking of the price, those are provided in a large range of cost. You can pick one based on your need then. To know more about other silver bracelets for men and recommendations, it is good for you to read more sources.

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