Smurfette Costume for Women for Halloween

Halloween is one of the biggest events for Western people. They are so excited in welcoming the event. Women, as God’s creature who like looking at every single detail they wear, must have been so busy in looking for stuff to make their performance totally great. If you are interested in unique costume without scariness, smurfette costume for women is highly recommended to pick then. By choosing the costume, it seems you break the rule since Halloween is identical with something scary. The Smurf is great to highlight cuteness and quirkiness. If you intend to wear it, read the discussion below then.
smurfette costume for women  2013
There are some elements that you have to think about in applying a concept and idea of smurfette costume for women. Those are body paint, clothing, hair, and also accessories. The Smurf has blue skin. Thus, you should have your body painted with blue. Do not ever forget to paint your body and face properly and correctly. So, you had better read the direction first so that you can get the best result in the process. One more point, it is also necessary for you to know how long the process takes time. Well, if you do not want to do that frontal action, there is a good way to get blue body. You are able to wear blue leggings. For the top, you can wear blue tight t-shirt with long sleeves. Just make it complete by means of wearing cool white mini dress. Then, put blue make up on your face to make your smurf costume like real smurf.
smurfette costume for women plus size
Let us move onto how your do your hair. Ideally, smurfette has blonde hair. You are able to wear blonde wig. Just let the wig down on your shoulders loosely. You will be more fashionable by applying glittery or shiny hairspray on your wig. Speaking of the accessories, white heels are the thing that you should wear to make your disguise look real. If you do not like wearing heels in smurfette costume for women, it is okay for you to change the heels with white ballet shoes to be comfier.
smurfette costume for women