Step by Step Drawing Dresses Manually

For many beginner artists, drawing a dress will be a challenging task to do. The reason of it is that actually dresses are made from fabrics. They have no real form of solid. There are a number of tricks that should be concerned about. Technically, the artists have to know some theories so that they are able to do it properly and accurately. Affects that should be applied are movement and shadow. The artists also have to know how to make the sketch flows from upper to the lower body. So, it is agreeably said that interpreting shapes on to the paper is quite hard. To get rid of hardness in drawing clothes, you need to look up step by step drawing dresses. This article provides the manual steps so that you are able to look it up.

step by step drawing dresses

First of all, make a sketch of the waist and legs. Just pretend that you have sketched the other parts of the body including head. You should concern about the motion since it can give effect to the fabric. If the day is windy, you can make the drawing as if the fabric is moving for the wind. You should also decide whether the dress is loose or tight. Then, some slanted lines which are vertical should be sketched. The lines start from the waist. After that, start to sketch the dress folds creating the dot they are by means of darker lines where as some areas should be consistent in giving lights. The next step in step by step drawing dresses is that you should make some shadows at the folds.

step by step drawing dresses 2013

The waist is the spot that become a good target in playing a shadow game. Triangles are the shape that you should make to make the shadow. By means of the horizontal lines, you should draw the dress in bottom part of it. Just be cautious in doing so because you should avoid drawing in too much material. If you intend to make a long dress, you should know how to sketch it so that it can look real. That is what you have to do in learning step by step drawing dresses.

step by step drawing dresses for kids