USMC Ball Gowns

Attending a USMC ball requires you to wear something formal which we’ll call USMC ball gowns. There isn’t a dress style that is specifically made for the USMC ball but there are guidelines as to what you should wear to this kind of event.

The USMC is the branch of the US Armed Forces responsible for providing power force from the sea. They’re a branch of the US Navy but basically, they’re US soldiers. When they hold a USMC ball, it’s always a formal event. This is why there is a need to come wearing formal attire. Your service man wears his Class A uniform while his partner should come in nothing less than a ball gown.

USMC ball gowns

Guidelines for USMC ball gowns

Most people would immediately understand what a ball gown is. However, with the different variations of ball gowns available, it’s still best to provide distinct guidelines for what to wear. For the sake of fashion, a few designers are making ball-gown inspired mini-dresses. This doesn’t count as a ball gown.

A real ball gown is ankle length or what most would know as floor-length dresses. Old ball gowns have really bulky skirts but you can find some with less bulk. This will make it easier to move around, dance or socialize. Another thing to consider is the neckline. Corset style dresses are common but be careful not to get something that’s indecent. Something that is too low or that shows off too much skin.

USMC ball gowns

As for shoes and jewelry, wear something formal. Too much bling is reserved for the club. Some decent pearls will work well and a simple clutch. Avoid going with a big bag since there’s no way you can hold onto it while socializing. Also, choose colors that will compliment your partner’s attire. Look for USMC ball gowns in dark shades.

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