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Victorian Era was named the reigning monarch of this time, Queen Victoria. A typical Victorian mens clothing standards and fashions of that time was in English, and the United Kingdom, but copied in other countries.

19. century change in the production of clothing, hand-made and made to order, the large increase in number of clothing factories. This, together with the advances of communications, said that fashion can change quickly. While the previous trend was in vogue about ten, they were now changing every year.

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Bonnets were very fashionable in the 1830s. Stylish and heavily decorated, they were much more subtle than the previous high fashion “big” hats. Underline this refinement was the dress sleeves narrowed, and the Victorian mens clothing was popular lures.

By the year 1840, were even more narrow sleeves and draped shoulder seams which limited arm movements of the user. The waist was very narrow and tight, adding cut bodice. All of these have assumed that women were the “weaker” sex.

In 1841, he drew up the skirt pleats, folds flat to give the width of the skirt. Skirts continued to grow, so that the 1,842 extra petticoats were required to support them. These were stiffened linen and horsehair. The word “crinoline” was derived from the French word “Crin” the importance of horsehair. Victorian mens clothing was originally used to describe the rigid foundations of clothes, but later refers to the large hooped petti coats in vogue in 1856.

Men’s fashion clothes, but was much less volatile, trends that stay longer!