Vintage Evening Dresses

There’s something very eye-catching with vintage evening dresses. Sure, black is the ultimate classic and red is a sure party stopper but watch a woman walk in a  party wearing a vintage-inspired dress and you see a beautiful yet modest-looking woman. The charm of the old world still resonates in a lot of us and we all have this certain love for the fashion wear of the previous generations.

Most of our modern fashion styles are taken from vintage clothing designs. A few alterations, modifications on the cut and change in the type of fabric, but there’s no denying that our modern clothes are vintage-inspired.

People have different reasons of loving vintage clothing. On a personal note, the laces and the sheer tops are my favorite. For some, it may be the psychedelic prints but for others, they simply got captivated at how vintage clothing looks like when celebrities started wearing them.

Vintage Evening Dresses

Beautiful vintage evening dresses

Vintage dresses are dresses that are made using a design that is at least 25 years ago. You can imagine how conservative people were at that time compared to our time today. Put that in mind and you’ll get the idea of how vintage clothing looks like. Fashion wear a few decades ago were more conscious about showing too much skin.

So, when shopping for vintage dresses, you’ll notice a few similarities. You’ll see a lot of floor length dresses. Modest necklines such as a boat neckline or a V neckline would be common. You don’t normally find tight and body-hugging evening dresses since most vintage wear is made for comfort and elegance. You’ll also find long sleeved-evening dresses.

Vintage Evening Dresses

The 1920s were known for their low-slung waist lines and dipping necklines. But other eras wore modest and simple dresses. One of the most popular designs is the ones with a fit waist line and a full skirt. Buying original vintage evening dresses may cost more than just buying regular dresses off the rack but it could be worth it to spring more for one vintage piece as part of your wardrobe.


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